LanGrabber is network monitoring software

LanGrabber box

LanGrabber allows to analyze network traffic. With help of this program you can monitor network traffic your employees or children are working with. Unique feature of this program is posibility to show files downloaded by HTTP (video, audio, images, etc.).

There is user friendly interface and set of filters such as file type, ip address, mac address, source and destination ports.

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What for can i use LanGrabber?
  • Monitor network trafic of your company
  • Analyze employee's downloads
  • Parental control under children's downloads
  • Save viewed content

  • Assemble TCP/IP sessions in files
  • Filter manager by file type
  • Filter manager by IP addresses (MAC addresses)
  • Monitoring system resource information (CPU usage, Memory usage, Free disk space)
  • Displaying progress bar of downloaded files
  1. Main window
    Main window
  2. Filter manager by file type window
    Filter manager by file type window
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