SkyGrabber is offline satellite internet downloader

SkyGrabber box

SkyGrabber allows to accept satellite internet data, assemble it in files (avi,mp3,mp4,etc.) and save files onto your hard disk. The program has user-friendly interface, diverse filter system and satellite provider manager inside.

SkyGrabber works only with free-to-air satellite internet data. The program curently supports 8 the most popular dvb-s/dvb-s2 tv tuner models (more details, see Supported Devices).

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Required equipment to start SkyGrabber:

  • Assemble TCP/IP sessions in files
  • Lock frequency to accept satellite internet data
  • Support DiceqC (uncommited/commited)
  • Satellite provider manager
  • Filter manager by file type
  • Filter manager by IP addresses (MAC addresses)
  • Monitoring system resource information (CPU usage, Memory usage, Free disk space)
  • Monitoring satellite signal information (Level, Quality)
  • Displaying progress bar of downloaded files

SkyGrabber supports following manufacturers of DVB-S/DVB-S2 TV tuners:

  • DVBWorld
  • Azureware
  • TechniSat
  • TechnoTrend
  • Genitech
  • TeVii
  • GotView
PCI card
  1. Main window
    Main window
  2. Filter manager by file type window
    Filter manager by file type window
  3. Satellite internet provider manager window
    Satellite internet provider manager window of skygrabber
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